Asking about Emergency Flasher Switch

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Asking about Emergency Flasher Switch

Post by vohungdung » 03 Jul 2017, 11:42

Dear all.

I am sorry that i can not typing local language here.

i am the old member here. My benz w126 280se have trouble with Emergency Flasher Switch function. It not work but turn signal left right switch still work OK so the flasher maybe OK. I need to find out the problem at the Emergency button or wire behind. SO i need to know the wiring diagram come into this button to check it. Does anyone have this or know about this show me please.

Thanks all!

here is my button ... 1386111036


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Re: Asking about Emergency Flasher Switch

Post by Orvo » 04 Jul 2017, 13:12

Hello Vohungdung,

The switch light is connected to pin 58 for when the lights / interior lights are turned on. When pushing the swich the connection to pin 58 gets interrupted and pins 49a (L + R) get connected, so that the switch "flashes".

Pin 49a is coming from the flasher-relais and L / R are connected to the turn signals, so that the switch flashes simultaneusly with the turn signals.

So if the turn signals are working normally that means the relais is also ok, that leaves the switch as the only possible culprit.


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